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Our Mission

Empower young people to transition safely and successfully to adulthood through mentoring,
skill building, coaching, and support so that today’s young adults become tomorrow’s leaders.

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How we serve

How We Serve


Mentors are volunteers that serve as positive roles models by
giving of their time and energy to inspire and guide.


Raising the awareness of the community of the benefits of equipping young adults
to be successful and highlighting the complex barriers facing those in need.


We will aid young adults in
need of food, clothing, household items, limited financial help, and other donated items.


Providing group or one-to-one “adulting” sessions to provide education and training on the practical skills that
are needed to be successful as adults.

Safety Net

We connect vulnerable young adults with a support system
and the means necessary to be safe, stable, and well.

Peer Connections

Bringing young adults together to create a supportive network by cultivating
a community of peers to facilitate the long-term success of the young adults.

Why Empower Youth?

Young people matter. Helping them to be the best versions of themselves strengthens our community as much as it improves the lives of young people. 

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